Graduated from the Design Academy of Eindhoven in the Netherlands and then re-established in France since 2019, Lucas Zito is a designer whose practice focuses on an in-depth study of ecological and recyclable materials combined with new technologies.


His work is specialized in the design of lights through 3D printing with plastic produced from corn starch, manufactured in Europe.


His approach concerns both aesthetics and functionality, in the most eco-responsible way possible and the perspectives of his practice evolve according to his social environment as well as his convictions.


Milan Design Week, 17 to 23.04.23

– Masterly at the Palazzo Dei Giureconsulti

– Isola Design Gallery at Via Pastrengo 14

– FREED CREATORS CLUB at Federico Confalionieri 11


Paris Galerie LSD 10.05.23

– Solo Show 


Rotterdam Design District, 23 to 25.05.23

– Together with Mokko Amsterdam at the Van Nelle 



Amsterdam Nock Nock Art Fair, 1 to 4.06.23

– Together with Pepe Valenti and Hanne Arends

Initially vases, whose geometries are made up of 40 flutes as well as 45-degree angles, their modular character pushed Lucas Zito to have fun and to stimulate his creativity with compositions of volumes, proportions, and colors.


These shapes can interlock themselves from the top, from the bottom but also from the sides, because thanks to their completely homothetic teeth from one diameter to the other, they act like gears made to work in each other.


At first light and voluminous vases, once assembled in sculptures, they called by their play of transparency the integration of light

elements which subsequently gave birth to the lamps of the series Buoy.


This series of lamps has a high versatility in terms of type of lights, and may be available in various versions.


A desk or floor lamp, small or large, on mains or on rechargeable battery, in vertical or horizontal suspension, the lamps of the Buoy series adapt to the use but also to the space in which they are in.

In an apartment, in a hotel, in an office or as a scenographic composition, the possibilities are endless.

The lamps of the Buoy series are entirely designed and made in Paris, unique and assembled by hand.


Buoy comes from the word buoyancy, it means the force which, around an object immersed in a liquid or gas, is opposed to that of gravity. This is the principle of flotation.


Like buoys at sea, these lights are erected, floating, light and weighted.

Extremely light, they reminds us that it is possible to create large objects while using as little material as possible. For example, the largest lamp of all, 220 cm high, weighs only 2828 grams.


Of these 2828 grams, only 1483 grams of plastic were used. The interest of 3D printing is to be able to control at any time the stage of production and to use only the strictly necessary.

Buoy Lights – image above, from left to right :
1 – 722g model – 103 centimeters
2 – 700g model – 73 centimeters
3 – 1009g model – 145 centimeters
4 – 576g model – 63 centimeters
5 – 572g model – 68 centimeters
6 – 1960g model – 207 centimeters
7 – 1198g model – 139 centimeters
8 – 908g model – 91 centimeters
9 – 615g model – 79 centimeters
10 – 627g model – 76 centimeters

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