This project consists of a serie of objects and stories which fit in a global dystopic scenario. They are caricatures of our relationship with technology.The goal of this project was to create different medias and objects that give away an uncanny and satyrical feeling. Where does technology brings us ?

In today’s world it is valued to spend time efficiently and to find ways to improve our daily life and habits. Life has come to be optimized everywhere. When looking for your way, making some food or even going outside. These optimisations are so that your productivity doesn’t get slowed down. We are constantly surrounded with devices and smart appliance that only ask for one push or one swipe to perform what they are made to do. Simple and redundant things are revised and upgraded and as an example, today we can switch the lights of a room remotely with a phone or a remote control. Same thing goes with our routines, when we wake up, making coffee is just pushing a button, and washing that same cup after the coffee is also just a button to press. Since tasks are specificaly designed to cost the less effort possible, all the appliances come with a big variety of centralized features which allow you to achieve a lot with very little cognition and time.

Until here everything seems fine. But while it is valued to perform shortcuts on almost every physical actions we take, it is also encouraged to let better performing systems think for you. The sad observation is that you don’t have to know anything anymore, you don’t have to remember anything, you don’t have to think, learn or to be critical towards anything. Because every cognitive function that implies thinking for more than 30 seconds is replaced by better engineered systems.To the alarming point where it becomes disadvantageous to learn new knowledge but way more valuable to know how to find that knowledge. Avoiding complicated things like learning or computing let you focus more on your leisures or distractions.

At this pace we can start thinking of a future where daily life unfolds exclusively from home, where absolute efficiency is the new religion, where physical and social communication are at their minima, where life is all about shortcuts and the littlest gesture possible performed, littlest effort done, where where all interactions are algorithmed and simple, where brain and physical power
are outdated, where our physical abilities have adapted to our (d)evolution(?), where the brainpower of man has dissociated from him and outshored to another place.

The world would be a very scary place if we delegated the communication of our feelings and emotions to devices. We already delegate so much to devices. Calculation, orientation, organisation, visual memory,socialization and so on. In this scenario happening in a near future, the whole world is using a device called : sense.m

This patch allows you to communicate with your peers without dialogue. It replaces body language and other non verbal way of communicating. By measuring different health informations like heart rate and variability, respiratory rate, skin temperature, body posture, footsteps and blood pressure, the patch is able to tell how someone feels, or what is that person’s emotional state of mind. The patch will then release the data wirelessly, which will be picked up by other individual patches. They will then retransmit to their owner through a physical feedback if it is advised to engage an interaction with that person or not. The primary function of the patch is very simple, various sensors pick up data on their carrier, and various actuators give feedback to surrounding persons wearing similar patches. But as with smartphones or computers, a hierarchy of patches exist, depending on their usage and context. Nurses, social assistants, school monitors and such would require patches more specific than soldiers, policemen, politician or casual people. Kids too, would get a more adequate version of the patches. Eventually, the patches would accumulate data on the people and could be helpful to track disease, health issues, or to gather data and establish patterns about the carriers. All this data would be connected to sorts of social platforms where the information would be centralized. We can already imagine the patches being implanted in daily life, in different ways such as advertising, airport securities etc.


    1 functioning prototype, 1 interactive sensory VR experience, 1 interactive sensory novel experience, 8 models