Nomad is an electric heater whose particularity is to have a warming body divided into small modular pieces that you can take wherever you want in your house.

Large modules produce and diffuse the heat while smaller ones absorb that heat and free the energy stored, over the course of an hour. Each small module is independent and connected to the cluster with strong magnets.

Nomad modules are made from the vitrification of asbestos wastes, meaning that the production of this radiator lowers the quantity of these very toxic wastes in the world. The modules allow the user to save up to 90% of the heat wasted in the walls thanks to aluminium reflective membranes at the back of each module, that will reflect the heat to the center of the room, together with the tiles specifically studied shape which increase the overall heat-emissive surface.

  • Cofalit Heater, 2015

    Modules : 10.5 x 10.5cm 21.0 x 21.0cm