These edifices are a tribute to the landscape of my hometown, Vitry Sur Seine, in France, where social housing buildings «blocs» are almost omnipresent and draw these geometric, monumental figures on every skyline.

Those building actually give a weird atmosphere to the city and although they alter the cityscape, one can find a sort of attraction to them. Probably because they are full of life. Thousands of people live in them and over time they became epicenters of subcultures. I see those huge blocs as huge colonies, dull and inert, but swarming with life and human activity. Big social nerve centers.

In a context of social program, aiming to bring closer two different cultures on a city-scale, these structures would be gifts, from Vitry Sur Seine’s municipality to two of its twin cities, Kladno, in Czech Republic and Burnley in England. Those 3 cities share common points and are listed as twin cities according to governmental agreements. The structures are ephemeral and are edified in public places where they act as parks, resting areas and social places.

  • Series of 3 maquettes, 2017

    6000 cast plaster bricks, 3200 cut steel blocks