Where in the world should a multi-faith temple be located ? A site of pilgrimage, like the Vatican or the Meccah but for Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews and Hindus altogether..?  Tough question. Why not the moon ? After all, sound doesn’t travel in space, how would they argue… ?

Our assignment was to pick a part of our body, cast it with plaster and then create a tool able to measure it as precisely as possible. Then gather the data and translate it into a map, a world, a story including the measured limb as a part of a landscape. The tool I built was a photogrammetric scanner and the body part I chose was a bent knee. From the knee came several ideas of scenarios but I decided to explore the idea of a knee as something religious, something with which you submit yourself by kneeling down, to higher orders. The bent knee became then a temple, a multi faith temple,located on the moon because of its total religious neutrality.

Most of the content in this visualisation has been scanned. The model of the knee was created with a photogrammetric scanner, the characters were scanned with a hand scanner and Moon and Earth models were found on NASA’s database which has also used a scanner to create them.


    Programmed and built with the Unity Engine