Power towers of 380 000 V are very frequent in our landscapes. Immense and still, they stand in our fields like mechanic cattle herds, watching us drive by with our cars. But we hardly realise the colossal task they achieve every second of their existence, restlessly.

As a comparison, if you take a regular AAA battery that we have in most of our appliances, for it to be able to deliver 380 kV and power a whole city just like the pylons do, it would need to be 11 kilometers tall…

A power tower is a modern day Atlas, of greek mythology. It carries our power and our progress. This whole project is about creating a monument to pylons, a lexicon of shapes and roles, where one can approach them and interact with them as a landscape. Various simulations were created, such as immersive video games, 3D simulations and videos.

  • Multimedia combination of works

    Game simulations, videos and visuals